Wire Mesh Sculpting

Sculpting by the Hartal method

Sculpting by the Hartal method is different than any other familiar sculpting method.

The whole creative process is done on the shell of the sculpture that is visible. A sculpture that is made in this method is hollow like a bubble.

The shell of the sculpture is made of a flexible wire netting that is dense, woven warp and woof, not with welded junctures.

The designing of the sculpture out of the wire-netting is done primarily with the hands, by pressing and stretching.


Advantages of the Hartal method

  • A simple technique without structure or templates.
  • The sculpture is hollow and light – moving it from place to place is easy.
  • Savings in time required to create the sculpture.
  • Relatively low cost.
  • Easy creation of complex sculptures.


We create the shell sculpture by extrusion or pressing the network with simple utilities.

If you like the result, you can already do the final modeling of the form and the volume.

Parts which are to be joined are tied with wires bent into a U shape, which can be taken from the netting itself.

Ways to Finish the Sculpture

Applying plastic glue on the sculpture.

After drying, coloring with metal spray paint.

Hardening and sealing of the sculpture by using several thin layers of concrete.

Gluing mosaic tiles on the concrete layer.